Trying to write

For the last few hours I have been awake trying to write and failing miserably. I don’t know what I can do to make this flow a bit better but I think I may actually have terminal Writer’s Block. I decided maybe if I jot down a few random thoughts on this note app thing maybe it would help, hasn’t s far.

So what am I writing? Basically, I have two stories that I keep getting ideas for but nothing seems to materialize. Unlike the other stories I have written, I can’t even seem to get even a sentence of the two stories down. I have even tried writing an outline for both but the only thing that seems to do is help my OCD more and I feel it has to be a perfect story before I can ever start to write it. How does that make sense? Well, in my brain, I feel like the story has to be able to make complete sense in my head before it officially ever gets typed out. I have this feeling that I have to know exactly where the story is going and all the twist and turns before I can move on. I don’t know why I feel this way but it is a major roadblock in succeeding anything.

I’ve tried sitting in a quiet room but the only thing that does is make my wonder and unfortunately, its not wondering about ways to make this story come to life but random, pointless things that only hamper any progress. I literally searched for 2 hours for the perfect Word editing program for my iPhone/iTouch (In case you are wondering, Documents to Go, aweeeeesomeeee.) I also found out that Google has Google Docs. I’m sure I’m not the first to know about it and I’m horribly late in finding out but it definitely impressed me.

I don’t think this notes app is working. All it has done is made me babble about random things that aren’t helping at all. So I’m going to stop altogether and try again tomorrow.


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