The kittens were born on the 12th of May and Sandy turned out to be a great mom. She stayed with them 24/7 and only got up to eat and go back to the bathroom. We really were lucky to have such an amazing cat, which made it all the more worse when we had to put her down on Wednesday. Our lesson in why you shouldn’t let your cat stay outdoors.

Since then the kittens seem to be adjusting pretty well. They cried a lot the first day but we let them out of the box Sandy used as a nest an now they wander the downstairs. I woke up this morning to four sets of blue eyes staring my down. As I looked down at them they meowed at me in order, starting left to right. Maybe they practised that one all night. I took the hint and made them breakfast.

Chewie has been pretty good with them too. He’s very gentle and keeps them clean, I’m proud of him. The kittens, however, have other plans for Chewie. As the poor, helpless dog was sleeping in the sun, the girls and me watched four predators at stalk their prey. They hid under the couch, all of them crouched in the pounce position just waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. As Chewie let out his first snore, they were on him. It was very animal kingdom, Chewie does kinda look like a fat gazalle while he’s sleeping. I thought at first they were just attacking him but when I heard him yelp I noticed he had four mouths attached to his nipples. Chewie, needless to say, was not excited about this and stood up to run away. Unfortunately the kittens were not giving in that easily and stayed attached to him as he ran in circles around the livingroom. After we got done laughing, I decided to help him.

Lessons Learned: 1 – Why God gave
Boy dogs nipples.
Score: Kittens 1 – Chewie 0


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