Ahhh…Baby Bird Girl

Sometimes, well most of the time, I wish I could be as sweet as Baby Bird Girl. Sadly, I’m no where close, maybe even the exact opposite. Its amazing the compassion that kids can have and how they are so capable of seeing things that the adults seem to miss.

We were waiting patiently for the pony ride when I noticed that Baby Bird Girl kept looking at one particular pony. She watched it as it walked in a circle and kept waving as it went past. Before she got on the ride I asked her why she kept waving at that one pony, her response “He needs a friend.”

“But why does just that one need a friend? Don’t they all need friends?”

“No, Momma, that one is the loneliest and no one cares about it’s feelings.”

When the doors opened and it was her time for a ride, Baby Bird Girl walked up to the pony she was becoming friends with and she asked the pony if it was okay to ride it. I guessed the pony must have agreed because she hopped on its back and got buckled in. When the ponies started moving, I noticed that Baby Bird Girl kept leaning down and patting the pony, she kept whispering and every now and then I would hear “I know its hot but thank you for a ride. I love you, its okay.”

When the ride ended, I asked her why she was so nice to the pony. “It was the saddest.”

“Why was it the saddest?”

“No one ever ask it what it wants to do. They just ride and ride and its so hot.”

“That was pretty nice of you.”

“Thats what the pony said.”

Well, okay…


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