My obsession with Sims 3…

I don’t know how many of you play the Sims 3 but it seems to be my newest video game addiction. When the game was first released, I was one of the first nerds…people to stand in line for over an hour (Embarrassing, I know) to grab the game off the shelves. The whole way to the store I promised myself that I would only buy the regular version of the game but once I got to the store I saw the special edition. Oh my god! It came with a nifty USB thumb drive that looked just Plumbob! Ah, Jess Heaven. Yes, I literally spent more money on a Plumbob shaped drive that I only used to dangle over my head and use Simspeak to annoy everyone in my household. Fun times.

After snatching the video game from the cashier’s hand, I rushed home to install and start my Sim empire. I paced back and forth waiting for the game to install and cursing my DVD-Rom for not moving faster. Finally! Sim time! I spent the mandatory two hours perfecting a sim of myself and never quite getting it right but at least playable and then I was off to explore the new options on the Sims 3. Woot!

And this is where my glorious time ended, the game was just not that entertaining. I was expecting it to make me completely forget about Sims 2. Unfortunately, I was too spoiled by all of Sims 2 expansions and Sims 3 was just not adding up. Sad and now bored Jess, boo. I stopped playing the game and went back to my World of Warcraft addiction.

I really thought Sims 3 was the end of my Sims life. Can you have a life on a video game? Heck yeah! Oh, admitting that makes me so sad. I no longer googled all things Sims and I wasn’t interested at all in anything that was coming out for it. I became very Anti-Sims. I found myself nodding when people made fun of others for playing the Sims and various Sim type games. I was a traitor. Dark time in my life, for sure.

Then one day, everything changed. I was at Best Buy trolling the computer and video games like normal and thats where I first saw it, Sims 3 World Adventures. Oh my god! All my dreams had come true. Okay, thats a bit exaggerated but it did look pretty awesome. China, Egypt and France, SCORE! I was so there and I rushed home again with my new expansion, installed it in a rush, normal pacing back and forth and cursing the DVD-Rom. This is what I was looking for, this was my Sim Atlantis.

I made all kinds of travelling Sims, Rock Star Travelers, Baby factory Travelers and my personal favorite, Evil Travelers. I mean really there is nothing better then taking an Evil Bath before laying down for your Evil Slumber so you will be well rested to go break into someone’s house in France all in the name of questing. Le sigh. I was in love again.

I’m not sure what inspired my babbling today about the Sims 3, especially World Tour but it seemed like the most logical way to spend my Fourth of July. I mean really, who needs to spend time with their real family when they can babble about their virtual one?

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