I’ve been writing for a couple different online places lately. I’m not successful by any stretch of the imagination but it has given me a bit of a spark back. I think one of my main problems before was that my mind had gone numb to anything creative. I was stuck in everyday things and more concerned about what was for dinner than trying to be creative. Granted, I still worry about whats for dinner.

I’ve always had a hard time trying to balance life and expressing my creativity. I still have that problem but now that Baby bird girl is older, I can sit by myself and work on whatever I need too. My main problem is finding things to write about. With the articles its easy because normally I’m assigned to them or I write about gaming but I’m still having a problem continuing any of the stories I have started. I even tried writing a new one.

I don’t think anything I ever write will ever get further than a few friends and family, but it would be nice to complete something. Just writing this post alone has taken me hours. I’m starting to reconsider writing even a short story as one of my life goals.

One of my biggest problems is not making everything so epic. With the articles I have the ability to contain what I write and even then I can get a little long winded. A lot of things in my life I seem to have the view that if I don’t do it big, it’s not worth doing it at all. I know this is the wrong approach to writing.

I guess I should quit babbling about this for now and actually start writing.


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