What to write..what to write…

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to write about. I have a couple chapters of one story, couple chapters of another and a whole lot of ideas in my head but not a single thing comes out when I try to write.

A typical day of writing includes me sitting quietly by myself. I’ll open up Openoffice and may read one of the things I’ve already started to see if I want to continue or work on something new. This takes all of 20 minutes. I have good intentions, I really do.

How my day actually turns out is different. I normal sit and stare at the screen for 10 minutes and then I’ll check Facebook. After I get done with that I’ll go and check out all the blogs I like reading. That’s when I’ve realized I was suppose to be writing. So I go back to Openoffice. Another 20 minutes go by and somehow Sims 3 gets opened. Wasn’t me. Three hours into that and my Sim is a published author with 100s of books, a rock star and she moonlights as a bartender. Maybe I’ll make her a vampire too. My sim has now become more accomplished than me.

I think most of my problem is not having anything to write about. People tell me to write about my life but honestly, who would want to read that? I don’t even want to read that. My life is great now but my childhood wasn’t typical. It was rough and it sucked but my grandparents did everything they could to make sure I survived and I don’t hold a single grudge towards them or how I was raised. The rest of my past may not be typical for most families but is pretty typical for the area I grew up in.

So this still leaves me with no topic and no ideas. I guess I do have writer’s block. Time to make my sim a vampire.


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