So if Bronchitis wasn’t enough…

I had to get pneumonia too. On top of that, I had to prepare Boeuf Bourguignon for Squarepant’s birthday. I didn’t mind at all. It was a pretty good experience even if I had to wear a mask while I was doing it. Both of the girls loved it and thats pretty hard to do, score. Now, back to reality.

The fantasy of being able to have a normal, well sort of, life while blogging about my journey through some extravogant venture like cooking all the recipes in an extremely old cook book à la Julie Powell, is not realistic. Falling asleep at 6pm due to a codeine coma and not being able to study Chemistry is a bit more realistic in Jessland. Whose idea was it for me to go back to school again? Don’t say mine, I simply won’t believe you and will be forced to block you from my blog. Silly Jess, no one really reads this anyway. 🙂


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