Working out as a fat girl

Holy cow this hurts!!! I had decided that today would be the day that I started exercising again. Who stars up a goal on a Thursday? My main reason is I’m able to breathe again without wanting to die.

My inspiration tonight was watching the show Heavy, TLC or A&E. Now, I am no where near the epic weights that those people are but I’m not comfortable with the weight I am at so the solution is obviously to start working out and maybe (absolutely) cutting down on my coca cola intake. There was a girl on there tonight named Jessica (oddly enough) and while she was exercising she started crying. It was horribly annoying and I kept going “Jeez, suck it up!” I now owe that woman an apology. What my Wii just put me through is illegal (exaggeration) and I should write Nintendo about their torture techniques (definitely will once I regain control of my arms again). Remember when video games made you fat and lazy?

So my goal for the next month is 5 days a week, at least 20 minutes and hopefully 5 lbs lost. I know those goals don’t seem big but why set my goals high? Then people expect you to do them. Sheesh.


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