What harm could an email do?


I have been debating since yesterday whether or not I want to confront someone that has hurt me pretty bad. What they have done isn’t important (I know it’s unfair not to share but it’s not the right time for me) to me but more so how they will react and if they will try to hurt me more (Not worried about physically) because I’m bringing it up.

It’s not a boyfriend or my mom but it is a family member. She isn’t exactly known to take confrontation well. I just no longer want to think about her anymore and I think confronting her will help me but I’m not sure if it will help the situation. Since it has been over two years, I feel like I should just burry it and not let it bother me anymore but that’s been pretty hard for me. I feel trapped by the anger I have towards her and embarrassed that I’m even putting this on the Internet.

So how do I fix this? I’ve been going over this constantly today. Briefly I’ll get the nerve to start this email to her (Being physically near her wouldn’t be a good idea) but as soon as I sit down to type it, I chicken out. I start to worry about all the “what ifs?” To me they are overwhelming and that leads me to believe that emailing her isn’t such a good idea. I want to forget about her, not make the situation worse.

That brings me to my next question, is it worth the potential pain and hassle? I don’t really know. It seems like it would help me to move on but there has to be people who move on from horrible things without having to confront the person that does it to them. So how do I do that? In fact, I would like to never speak to her again if possible and would love to be able to get over this without wanting to show her what she put me through. Which also leads me to wonder, would she even care? I’m going to go ahead and say that she wouldn’t because I really believe she doesn’t have much of a soul or care about anyone but herself. Someone has said this about me also, maybe this is a family trait.


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