So I’ve been reading some other blogs since I woke up this morning. I really have been pretty interested in blogging. After reading some post I see that most parents who blog come up with these cute little nicknames for their kids. I’m assuming this is to keep who they all are a secret and leads me to believe that maybe I need to go back through all my post and make sure I change the kids names to the new nicknames I have determined. Is that being too neurotic?

So how do you decide an appropriate nickname for your child? One that won’t scar them if they see it and will keep them hidden from all the scary people on the internet. And if you’re going to go as far as nicknames, is posting pictures a bad thing? I’m very guilty of this and I have posted pictures on here, Instagram and Facebook. All of this leads me to wonder if I should even be mentioning them at all on such a public forum. Should I be mentioning anything?

Blogging has become so big but what is appropriate blogging? Is there even such a thing? Is it different with parents? I don’t even know where to go to begin the research on this topic and after reading an interesting blog from The Suburban Jungle that expressed some of the weird things you come across when you use google to search things. I’m pretty afraid of what I may find.

So I’ve decided on some names and I am going to go through over the next couple days and overhaul my post. I also want to get a bit more original with my design. Oh, and love my art work (Sarcastic tone).


Squarepants – This nickname is something I’ve called her for years. It always irritated her in a loving way and made me giggle. Being that she is 13, its kind of hard to decide on a nickname for her that isn’t so horrible she will cry into a jar of tears or too momish and will cause her to hate me forever for putting it on something public. This is a pretty awesome middle. I get to pick on her and remind her I love her all in one name.


Baby Bird Girl – I have called her this since the first time I ever fed her. Her little lips always shaped into the funniest expression and she looked like a baby bird waiting for a worm. I’ll always remember her like this. I even see future wedding invitations that say “The parents of Baby Bird Girl proudly invite you to the wedding…” in which she will be mortified and I will sob into my mommy hanky.


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