Okay so now what?

Today has had a lot of downs but I’m trying to make the best of them and realize that I will get through this. I have the skills now to get through this. I’m pretty proud with the progress that I made not only today but since I’ve been working on this.

So now I have to make some pretty big financial and life decisions. The financial ones are pretty hardcore and will require an extreme change in my lifestyle. Its really scary to think that any decision I make could end up bad. I don’t like not knowing what is going on.

I think its my nature to be anxious about things and to want immediate answers but I’m trying to learn that you hardly ever know immediate answers in life and I need to learn how to deal with that. Its an extremely hard and trying process to deal with it and I’m glad for the people who have continued to be here for me during it. It shows me that I won’t be alone no matter what.

My week hasn’t been all bad. I had a great morning yesterday with Baby Bird Girl. She has been really funny lately. We were talking, well I was lecturing, and in the middle she looked at me and said “Momma, when you talk all I here is ‘Wahhh Wahhh Wahh Wahh Wahh’.” Just like I was the teacher off Charlie Brown. I suppose I should have been mad at her but it was pretty funny.



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