What I love

20120909-212418.jpgI love my daughter and my niece. I love sitting in my front yard at night watching my puppy play in the grass and try to catch bugs while I blog on the Internet. I love having my windows open in the fall and feeling the cool breeze come in while I’m cuddled with my Baby Bird Girl.

20120909-213253.jpg I love making dinner for my family and they actually love it. I love feeding them more healthy and seeing the difference in all of us. I love sitting at the dinner table with them and enjoying each other.

20120909-213604.jpgI love having a backyard for her to play in. I love seeing her lost in her own world and using her imagination to the fullest. I love her.

20120909-213727.jpgI love her goofy sayings. I love her passion for music. I love how ditzy she can be and listening to her giggle at herself. I love her.

20120909-213901.jpgI love being able to fix up my home. I love knowing what it was and what I made it into. I love owning it and knowing that I have a part of a dream I’ve had since I was little. A dream my grandma wanted for me.

I focus sometimes too much on the bad and not enough on the good. I have to change this and I have to start living for my family. I don’t want to worry about so many stupid things anymore. I’ve done a good job changing some of the things I wasn’t happy with and I just have to continue doing that.


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