I Wear Pink for Hope!

20120912-220042.jpgBeing in nursing school has been my dream for many years. I decided I wanted to be a nurse after watching Don go through all his treatment and seeing how important the nursing staff was to him and us. Like most people in nursing school, its an uphill battle and takes a lot of effort, time and determination. Just getting into the classes is painstakingly hard. Once you’ve accomplished that it only gets tougher from there.

20120912-220726.jpgI know how much I’ve struggled with my degree and how hard all of my classmates have struggled. We give our lives to this degree and sometimes make great sacrifices to meet our goal. I have a classmate named Hope who has become pretty ill and now is fighting an even harder battle, the battle against Breast Cancer. She has struggled just as much as all of us and hasn’t been given a great deck of cards.

Please take the time to read Hope’s blog about her struggle and her story.



3 thoughts on “I Wear Pink for Hope!

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