Serenity now!


The last few days have been one long Seinfield moment. Baby Bird Girl is in soccer and she’s also at the age where she has lost all hearing except for her selective hearing. The combination of all this tuns me into George Constanza’s dad and I’m typically found curled into a ball on my bed muttering “Serenity now” and shaking uncontrollably. All of this to the delight of my daughter. She isn’t an evil kid by any stretch of the imagination, she just has a sense of humor that can be sort of evil (She gets it honest). Either way, sometimes I worry that she does this on purpose.

Saturday Night at 8:30pm

Me: Baby, go get all your soccer stuff ready.

Baby Bird Girl: I know where it all is, can I get it tomorrow before the game?

Me: Humor me and do as I say for once.

BBG: Finneee…

10 minutes later…

BBG: I can’t find my jersey, where did you put it?

Me: What do you mean where did I put it? I do the laundry and you put your clothes away.

BBG: I put it where it belongs and its not there.

Me: Oh yeah? Where does it belong?

BBG: In its place.

Me: Which is?

BBG: The place we put our soccer stuff.

Me: Ah ha.

One hour later after we have tore her room apart, Squarepant’s room apart and my room apart…

BBG: Hey mom, I think I took my jersey to school with me?

Me: Serenity now.

BBG: I don’t get it. Stop being weird.

We finally find the jersey which was in its new place to put the soccer stuff, her locker at school and she’s able to play her games in her actually uniform under her actual number. Having lost her jersey actually turned out a good thing because the coach put her in as the goalie because it would cover the lack of having the right jersey and right number because she would be covered in a huge blue goalie shirt and because of this, we now know she is an excellent goalie for being 9 years old. Granted I’m a tad bit bias.

She did ask me what serenity now meant and I showed her a few Seinfield clips on YouTube (Seinfield Serenity Now) and she proceeded to tell me how weird I was and she didn’t get it. I suppose it would be confusing to someone who doesn’t even know what serenity means.

Fast forward to today…

I’m at school taking a Spanish class and being a model student, so naturally I’m on Facebook. I see my notifications light up and BBG has posted on a picture I recently uploaded of her and Abbey.


Random Facebook Friend: They look made for each other.

BBG: No we are made for each other.

Me: She was talking about you goofy.

BBG: Serenity now!

She doesn’t even know what it means!!!


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