I am a master procrastinator!

I have so much homework that is due by the beginning of the week but I have done everything to avoid actually sitting down and finishing my task. I know better because once I get behind, its almost impossible to catch up. So why do I procrastinate? Because I’m really good at it.


1. I decided to take my niece and nephew today even though I knew I had homework.


2. I decided that playing outside for an hour was more beneficial than homework. I rationalized this by saying I needed a break from my homework break to get my second wind.


3. After we got done with that, I then sat down to do my homework but the kids wanted to watch Hop and who was I to keep something as important as an easter bunny movie in the middle of September?


4. Now that the movie is over, the kids are asleep and the house is quiet, I’m still not doing my homework. Why you ask? Because I haven’t blogged in two days! Who am I to deny the masses my highly entertaining yet no one reads it blog?



2 thoughts on “I am a master procrastinator!

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