I feel like I’m lagging behind.

20120919-230536.jpg I feel like I did back in 2010, which isn’t a bad thing. I was more together back then. I felt like I knew where I belonged and where I was going. For the last couple years, I haven’t felt like that. I’ve felt lost, scared, alone and that I couldn’t do anything right. For almost two weeks, I’ve felt different, better but different.

20120919-230438.jpg I keep telling myself that school is worth it. It is!! Being a typically rational person I know that I need to stop procrastinating, stop reading other blogs, stop writing on my own blog and just study. I know tomorrow I’m going to pay for not studying and I’m going to feel awful. I will then make myself a promise (which I won’t keep) to study better and not get behind again (which I will). I’ve even gone as far as taking pictures of my book instead of opening it.

20120919-230719.jpg I’ve been doing research on how to make my blog better so maybe people will read it. I just really would like some input on whether other people are in the same situation as me. That is a hard task because I don’t even know what situation I am in. This almost sounds like I’m complaining but I’m really not. Outside of a few things like being a huge procrastinator, I’m in a pretty good place.


3 thoughts on “I feel like I’m lagging behind.

  1. hard not to procrastinate with such a cute puppy comanding your attention. i loved college, all erxcept the studying part, there was always something i would have more fun doing so i get you completely, next time you want to procrastinate just think of the girls and what you would tell them if they were procrastinating with their homework. might work for you who knows!!

  2. I normally don’t comment on these types of things, but, being that I am in a very similar situation, I felt like I should offer encouragement – keep your head up, tomorrow is another day.

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