Depends on which way you’re standing.

20120922-205207.jpg This picture is of Squarepants falling down the slide after she tried to run up it. Someone has definitely put something in the water around here. I’ve spent the majority of the night staring at the children with my mouth open, incapable of responding. I’m actually a bit scared.

20120922-205516.jpg We spent about an hour outside and the two of them went completely nuts. Squarepants tried to slide down the slide but what she forgot is she is 5’8″ and it didn’t work out so well. But at least she was out there playing.

20120922-205742.jpg Then BBG tried to swing so high that it would flip over the top. I think all of us have tried this at one point but it really made me wonder what her plan was going to be after it flipped over the top and she was suspended upside down. I love them.

20120922-205905.jpg Then we came inside and jokingly asked Squarepants which hand was her right. She responded with “Depends which way you are standing.” Children sometimes…

20120922-210130.jpg When I thought they had both calmed down and nothing more could possibly happen. I walked into the bathroom, which wasn’t locked and found BBG taking a bath, with the puppy. They both looked at me like “Why is your face like that?” Because obviously it was the most normal thing in the world.


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