Sort of boring week.

20121112-002021.jpg My week hasn’t been very exciting. I got sick on Friday and had some serious dehydration. Doctor recommended that I sit and drink water all day long. I instead went to a park and hiked to find nice spaces to take pictures.

20121112-002137.jpg I’ve realized that school pictures are extremely expensive and you don’t get that many. One thing I love more than anything is lots of pictures of my kids. I would just like to be able to afford them. So I’ve decided to try taking some of my own.

20121112-002248.jpg I don’t think I’m an expert or even really good at this but I don’t think they look that bad. I enjoy editing and right now my skill in taking the picture itself isn’t so great but I seem to be able to edit okay. Well, using a good program seems to help. I downloaded Gimp and its pretty awesome once I figured out how to use it.

20121112-002516.jpg So outside of hiking when I should have been resting and editing pictures, I haven’t been up to anything at all entertaining enough to write about.


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