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Insomnia fml

20130108-015140.jpg I have my first clinical day tomorrow and of course I can’t sleep. Yesterday I had no problem sleeping and I even woke super early. Now I am sitting in front of my iPad trying to figure out what I want to talk about. Of course, I’m drawing a blank. Nothing new there.


I’m cheating on you.

By starting a new blog. It’s not actually a blog, more like a journal, so really no different than this one. I’ve been doing some research and I came across something’s that said journaling every day and trying to dive into issues you normally wouldn’t talk about is a good thing. My problem is, the issues I normally don’t talk about are ones I’m not comfortable taking about with anyone else but that I KNOW I need to talk about. So a suggestion I came across was to blog anonymously.

I’m hesitant about this whole anonymous thing. Is there actually a way to be anonymous on the Internet anymore? Some of the things I want to discuss, I wouldn’t want people seeing. Well not until I was comfortable with them seeing them, if that time ever came. So I’m not so sure this is a good thing and I’m going to start slow at first.

I know that getting your problems out there helps but I don’t want to be thought of as someone who whines or wants attention for the problems. I just want them out of my head. I think it would be a way to validate and move on.

No pictures for this post, too early in the morning.