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Insomnia fml

20130108-015140.jpg I have my first clinical day tomorrow and of course I can’t sleep. Yesterday I had no problem sleeping and I even woke super early. Now I am sitting in front of my iPad trying to figure out what I want to talk about. Of course, I’m drawing a blank. Nothing new there.




Having insomnia while going to college can be handy. Lots of time to study. In my case, it’s not handy at all. I’m normally stranded in my bed at 4:33 am with thoughts of no importance swimming threw my brain. So, what am I doing to help combat my insomnia? Writing on my blog. I’m a genius I know.

I’ve realized while sitting here tonight and reading a much more awesome blog, that my blog sucks. It’s pretty damn depressing sometimes to be honest. So, why is that? Am I a depressing person? Oh, I think I’m going to cry. Just kidding…

A few negative things have been said about my character lately, however, only one person has been saying them and that one person has a few negatives to his personality also. Needless to say, I’m not paying him any mind anymore and this will be the last time he’s mentioned. Can I rejoice in that?

My life has been rather…well to be honest…uneventful as of late. Since I started going to school full time, I’ve become more boring. Unless you ask an old spice smuggler friend of mine, he will tell you I’ve been quite boring for some time. Thanks, Han. Hope you get lost in Joshua’s Tree and find yourself comforted only by the sounds of Britney Spear’s greatest hits. Prog is for nerds.

I did something daring the other day and from what I hear, completely against my character, I apologized. Oddly enough, the apology went to Han. I was pretty worried that typing the words would make my keyboard burst into flames but all went well. It felt rather good. I would like to say that I will be practicing the apologies more often, but I’m afraid of fire and too cheap to buy more keyboards.