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Sort of boring week.

20121112-002021.jpg My week hasn’t been very exciting. I got sick on Friday and had some serious dehydration. Doctor recommended that I sit and drink water all day long. I instead went to a park and hiked to find nice spaces to take pictures.

20121112-002137.jpg I’ve realized that school pictures are extremely expensive and you don’t get that many. One thing I love more than anything is lots of pictures of my kids. I would just like to be able to afford them. So I’ve decided to try taking some of my own.

20121112-002248.jpg I don’t think I’m an expert or even really good at this but I don’t think they look that bad. I enjoy editing and right now my skill in taking the picture itself isn’t so great but I seem to be able to edit okay. Well, using a good program seems to help. I downloaded Gimp and its pretty awesome once I figured out how to use it.

20121112-002516.jpg So outside of hiking when I should have been resting and editing pictures, I haven’t been up to anything at all entertaining enough to write about.


I’m slipping…or falling at a fast rate of speed.

20121013-125902.jpg The glass has definitely been half empty lately. I feel like I’m in a rut. I also feel overwhelmed. I’m not complaining, I only have myself to blame.

I want to write more blogs and get more feelings out but then I realize I don’t have the time. Even though I’m doing it now, it has to be short and sweet.

Depends on which way you’re standing.

20120922-205207.jpg This picture is of Squarepants falling down the slide after she tried to run up it. Someone has definitely put something in the water around here. I’ve spent the majority of the night staring at the children with my mouth open, incapable of responding. I’m actually a bit scared.

20120922-205516.jpg We spent about an hour outside and the two of them went completely nuts. Squarepants tried to slide down the slide but what she forgot is she is 5’8″ and it didn’t work out so well. But at least she was out there playing.

20120922-205742.jpg Then BBG tried to swing so high that it would flip over the top. I think all of us have tried this at one point but it really made me wonder what her plan was going to be after it flipped over the top and she was suspended upside down. I love them.

20120922-205905.jpg Then we came inside and jokingly asked Squarepants which hand was her right. She responded with “Depends which way you are standing.” Children sometimes…

20120922-210130.jpg When I thought they had both calmed down and nothing more could possibly happen. I walked into the bathroom, which wasn’t locked and found BBG taking a bath, with the puppy. They both looked at me like “Why is your face like that?” Because obviously it was the most normal thing in the world.

Serenity now!


The last few days have been one long Seinfield moment. Baby Bird Girl is in soccer and she’s also at the age where she has lost all hearing except for her selective hearing. The combination of all this tuns me into George Constanza’s dad and I’m typically found curled into a ball on my bed muttering “Serenity now” and shaking uncontrollably. All of this to the delight of my daughter. She isn’t an evil kid by any stretch of the imagination, she just has a sense of humor that can be sort of evil (She gets it honest). Either way, sometimes I worry that she does this on purpose.

Saturday Night at 8:30pm

Me: Baby, go get all your soccer stuff ready.

Baby Bird Girl: I know where it all is, can I get it tomorrow before the game?

Me: Humor me and do as I say for once.

BBG: Finneee…

10 minutes later…

BBG: I can’t find my jersey, where did you put it?

Me: What do you mean where did I put it? I do the laundry and you put your clothes away.

BBG: I put it where it belongs and its not there.

Me: Oh yeah? Where does it belong?

BBG: In its place.

Me: Which is?

BBG: The place we put our soccer stuff.

Me: Ah ha.

One hour later after we have tore her room apart, Squarepant’s room apart and my room apart…

BBG: Hey mom, I think I took my jersey to school with me?

Me: Serenity now.

BBG: I don’t get it. Stop being weird.

We finally find the jersey which was in its new place to put the soccer stuff, her locker at school and she’s able to play her games in her actually uniform under her actual number. Having lost her jersey actually turned out a good thing because the coach put her in as the goalie because it would cover the lack of having the right jersey and right number because she would be covered in a huge blue goalie shirt and because of this, we now know she is an excellent goalie for being 9 years old. Granted I’m a tad bit bias.

She did ask me what serenity now meant and I showed her a few Seinfield clips on YouTube (Seinfield Serenity Now) and she proceeded to tell me how weird I was and she didn’t get it. I suppose it would be confusing to someone who doesn’t even know what serenity means.

Fast forward to today…

I’m at school taking a Spanish class and being a model student, so naturally I’m on Facebook. I see my notifications light up and BBG has posted on a picture I recently uploaded of her and Abbey.


Random Facebook Friend: They look made for each other.

BBG: No we are made for each other.

Me: She was talking about you goofy.

BBG: Serenity now!

She doesn’t even know what it means!!!


So I’ve been reading some other blogs since I woke up this morning. I really have been pretty interested in blogging. After reading some post I see that most parents who blog come up with these cute little nicknames for their kids. I’m assuming this is to keep who they all are a secret and leads me to believe that maybe I need to go back through all my post and make sure I change the kids names to the new nicknames I have determined. Is that being too neurotic?

So how do you decide an appropriate nickname for your child? One that won’t scar them if they see it and will keep them hidden from all the scary people on the internet. And if you’re going to go as far as nicknames, is posting pictures a bad thing? I’m very guilty of this and I have posted pictures on here, Instagram and Facebook. All of this leads me to wonder if I should even be mentioning them at all on such a public forum. Should I be mentioning anything?

Blogging has become so big but what is appropriate blogging? Is there even such a thing? Is it different with parents? I don’t even know where to go to begin the research on this topic and after reading an interesting blog from The Suburban Jungle that expressed some of the weird things you come across when you use google to search things. I’m pretty afraid of what I may find.

So I’ve decided on some names and I am going to go through over the next couple days and overhaul my post. I also want to get a bit more original with my design. Oh, and love my art work (Sarcastic tone).


Squarepants – This nickname is something I’ve called her for years. It always irritated her in a loving way and made me giggle. Being that she is 13, its kind of hard to decide on a nickname for her that isn’t so horrible she will cry into a jar of tears or too momish and will cause her to hate me forever for putting it on something public. This is a pretty awesome middle. I get to pick on her and remind her I love her all in one name.


Baby Bird Girl – I have called her this since the first time I ever fed her. Her little lips always shaped into the funniest expression and she looked like a baby bird waiting for a worm. I’ll always remember her like this. I even see future wedding invitations that say “The parents of Baby Bird Girl proudly invite you to the wedding…” in which she will be mortified and I will sob into my mommy hanky.

So its official, I’m allergic to Milwaukee.


Every time I come to this stupid city I break out. Coconut cannot be stalking me so it has to have something to do with this stupid city. Maybe it hates me and thinks I don’t belong here, I totally agree.

Sometimes I worry about how all of this is effecting Baby Bird Girl. 8 years ago my goal in life wasn’t to have a child with someone I wouldn’t stay with but its how it happened and I wouldn’t change anything. I’m just worried that I made bad choices for her.

She’s a smart kid though and there are worse situations then both of your parents not being in the house. Besides, having Don in her life was a wonderful thing for her. I’m probably just worrying too much, like always.